Applications, E-Discovery, eDiscovery Software, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Legal Hold 0 November 14, 2018 5 Aaron Taylor

Being involved in the eDiscovery industry over a period of time now, both as a consultant and as an in-house employee, I have had many occasions to come in contact with eDiscovery software promotions and informational articles. Whether through vendor websites, blog posts, promotional literature at seminars and events, personal contact…a similar them pops up […]

Applications, BYOD, E-Discovery, Email 0 December 12, 2016 548 Aaron Taylor

It seems I had barely digested the intriguing information about one of the newer messaging apps called Signal as I discussed in my last blog and as reported by the NYTimes, when now I see a new story about updates by Slack to their app as reported by The Technologist blog from FindLaw.  Slack is putting the pressure on other […]

Applications, BYOD, E-Discovery, Legal Hold, Privacy 0 December 08, 2016 462 Aaron Taylor

A rather tumultuous year is rapidly winding down, with all its struggle and hype and surprises.  The stress of getting through another year seems to always bring out the “Gee, remember when…?” syndrome, as in, “Gee, remember when the holidays weren’t so hectic?”; or, “Gee, remember when you got your coffee at home, and not […]

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